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Summer Sabbatical 2016

sab·bat·i·cal (noun) 1) an extended period of leave from one's customary work, especially for rejuvenation, to acquire new skills or training, to promote creativity, etc. Our studio will be closed for summer sabbatical from June 8th through July 9th. We will be back with our fall designs, great new products, and a recharged love for life on July 10th, so please stop back then.   We'll begin filling your orders as soon as we return!    

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How to Store and Clean Sterling Silver

Silver is one of the world’s most treasured commodities. Sterling silver inspires a level of trust and it stands the test of time with regard to quality, appeal, and beauty.Ornata specializes in silver jewelry and offers both sterling silver and silver plated lines. The silver plated line features either fine silver or sterling silver plated over pewter, brass, or steel. We love silver because it reacts with its surroundings to bring out a warm luster over time. While this property of silver gives it life and character, it can also lead to tarnishing, which may be less desirable.Here is a...

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Ornata Jewelry Is Launched!

We have officially launched the Ornata Jewelry retail site and couldn’t be happier! Ornata is a customized jewelry collection that allows the wearer to express her values, joys, inspirations, passions, and memories. Although we’ve been creating jewelry for years, it’s always been exclusively wholesale to gift stores, boutiques, and higher-end chain stores. Making the transition from business-to-business to direct-to-consumer can be challenging. It’s a totally different model, and we’re so Type-A about customer satisfaction that we thought it might be overwhelming to service many individual customers instead of a much smaller number of wholesale accounts. But it hasn't been overwhelming at all - our customers...

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