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Ornata Jewelry Customer ReviewsWe truly love our customers. Each time we send a package, we smile thinking about the woman who will receive the piece of jewelry inside. We can feel the love that's behind the orders that come in, and we know that each necklace and bracelet that we make has a story contained within it.

We receive tons of wonderful notes from our customers and we love sharing them with each other-- they just make us feel plain good! So, very recently, we've asked a few of our customers if they would grant us permission to post their e-mails on our site, and were honored that they agreed.

Special thanks to those of you who wrote such kind messages to us over the past few years! We would also like to take a moment to thank all of our customers for allowing us to fill a small role in the wonderful events and relationships in their lives by creating the gifts they give and the jewelry they wear.

Here are a few messages that made us smile:

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful necklaces I have ordered from your company! Recently, my 4 girlfriends and I celebrated our 65th birthdays with a trip to Bermuda! While we were there I presented each of my girlfriends with a ‘Five-Best-Friends’ necklace from Ornata! It was a total surprise and a great keepsake!
Last week, I ordered a ‘Mother-of-Two’ necklace for my daughter-in-law who just had her second child! I can’t wait to present this necklace to her when we visit next month!
Thank you for very much for the special attention, beautiful presentation and prompt delivery! The necklaces are lovely and so unique!
Beth G.
I just received the necklace I ordered from you guys in the mail, and I absolutely love it!
I love the idea of the necklaces and how you can honor your kiddos that way, or anyone for that matter!
I ordered it as a graduation present for my sister-in-law and I think she’s going to adore it! You guys are amazing.
Thank You So Much,
Keely F.

I received my necklace yesterday and I’m so pleased with it. I’m often saying “I’m blessed” so it was the perfect gift for my birthday. I had never heard of your company until now and I believe I found you on a post about your company on Pinterest. I’m so glad I found you!
Joanne S.

Hello, I received my shipment today. I am so happy with the product and the beautiful envelopes for presenting the gifts. The necklace is just beautiful. Everything has a touch of elegance and I am more than pleased with my purchase.
My cousins & I have been traveling together since we were toddlers. Now in our 50"s 60's we are going to our favorite place, Florida. I bought these beautiful necklaces as gifts for the three of us. Can't wait to get there and present them.
Thanks so much.
Louise C.

I received the Mother of three necklace as indicated. It is beautiful; my daughter, to whom it will be given, will be thrilled! Thank you for the professional manner in which your company serves. I will be an enthusiastic advocate to all of my contacts as it’s always a pleasure to reward those most deserving.
Sandra S.

Just want to send a quick reply regarding the 4 "four best friend's" necklaces I recently ordered and received. We absolutely love them and appreciate how they were wrapped carefully and sent to us...and the 4 cute notecards were an added bonus!
Just feel that your company knows what the meaning of customer service is...from the time I called to talk to you to the moment we received the package. :)
Thanks again...I know my daughter's friends will love this special gift from her as the four of them graduate high school in a few weeks.
Jennifer K.

Wow!! I’m very impressed with your customer service.
Thank you very much, because it was a special necklace for me for my three kids ...
Gayle S.

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